About Us

Beryl and Lauren is a small business founded in Los Angeles, California in 2021 by a young traveler, Eunice. The idea for Beryl and Lauren started when Eunice and her friends went to visit Bali, Indonesia for vacation. Eunice fell in love with the concept of slow fashion. And thus, Beryl and Lauren was born. The name was inspired by Eunice's middle name, Beryl, and her younger sister, Lauren. 

Beryl and Lauren is an all-inclusive lifestyle brand that strives to promote slow fashion and sustainability that portray a commitment to style and elegance. Our brand focuses on curating the perfect minimal wardrobe. Our vision is to create simple yet elegant, statement pieces that can stand the test of time. We believe that less is more. 

In consonance with the ideals in slow fashion, we combine the art of beauty and aesthetic to deliver intriguing collections of luxury timeless bags, footwear and clothing that empower our customers' lifestyle.